Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Are you tired of spending countless hours on repetitive tasks?
Let us introduce you to a world of robot automation.

Automations that help your business
and people grow into the future.

Our Robotic Process Automation platform (ARPA) allows us to build unique automations that streamline your specific tasks
and workflows and increase your operational efficiency. Create your robot workforce and free up your peoples' time, so they can focus on driving your business into the future.

Our RPA technology is 100% our own, which means we can adapt our solutions and build exactly what you need, fast.

Agile Robotic Process Automation (ARPA)

ARPA is an intuitive and scalable RPA platform built on agile principles. This means that it can continue to grow with your business as your automation needs change.

An image of Mathias talking to colleagues highlights the collaborative nature of Tatesoft's workplace

Upskill your teams
to deliver on your
automation needs.

We offer on-site or remote training of your teams, so they can learn how to take care of your future automation needs in ARPA.

Build office robots, fast.

Whether you want to build robots yourself or have us do it, ARPA lets you to build as many robots as your organization needs, all in one place.

The platform enables quick prototyping, efficient testing and easy deployment of your robot workforce.

Make workflows faster across systems.

ARPA is built to work across multiple systems, allowing for easy integration with any IT stack.

Automate unreliable legacy systems.

We build custom automations to any legacy system in ARPA, so you can reduce the time your employees spend working in unstable, slow systems.

Adapt to change, faster.

We teach you how you can use Agile RPA to respond quickly to internal or external changes that affect your workforce, operations or IT landscape.

“Collaborating with Tatesoft has been highly beneficial for us in terms of increasing the efficiency and precision of our reporting workflows. Tatesoft's RPA platform, ARPA, is the first software among those we’ve tried which has enabled us to create bespoke robots that extract data from Jira and TimeLog, integrate it into Excel and distribute the output via email.”

Claus Pullich

Delivery Manager

Why choose Tatesoft
as your RPA partner?

We're committed to delivering high-quality solutions that are not only cost-effective but also scalable for the future.

We view the companies we work with as partners with whom we co-develop customized solutions designed to deliver real value to real people. To achieve that, we work closely with every partner to understand their specific needs, both now and in the future.

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