What is Agile RPA?

Agility in RPA means adopting a responsive and collaborative approach that focuses on delivering working, scalable solutions through iterative work and fragmented testing. Besides our technical expertise, agility is the single most important factor to the success of the solutions we build.

Agility in everything.

At Tatesoft, we believe in agility in everything we do. While the agile approach may have certain limitations in other areas of work, we believe it is the single most efficient approach to working with automation projects. Our clear experience is that using an agile approach in simple, and especially in complex projects, makes every project better, faster, stronger.

TheAgile RPA

When Tomislav, the founder of Tatesoft, first read the original Agile Manifesto in the early 2000s, he was deeply inspired. It fundamentally changed the way he worked from then on.

When he later founded Tatesoft, he knew that he needed to create an Agile RPA Manifesto with the rest of the team in order to realize his vision of an agile way of working with RPA.

Guiding values for Agile RPA

Adapt on a needs basis

Create integrations with emerging IT systems as needed, and commit to system inclusivity by developing working integrations for both legacy and new IT systems, to truly meet partner needs for scalability.

Break down and
simplify to speed up

Create flexibility in robot testing environments by facilitating fragmented testing. By breaking down each component, you can improve readability, facilitate simplicity, and speed up delivery.

Enable trial and error
learning while prototyping

Accelerate learning by creating a building environment that allows for quick prototyping and experimentation. Learning by doing builds confidence and autonomy faster than long theoretical onboarding.

Mimic people to empower
human-robot collaboration

Create robots that reflect human actions, to create transparent and sustainable solutions that enable intuitive understanding and interaction between people and robots.

“I've witnessed countless automation projects fail due to a lack of agility. Being able to adapt quickly to changing requirements and evolving IT is essential to create solutions that stand the test of time. By using this Manifesto as our North Star, we've been able to deliver unprecedented reliability for our partners in terms of quality, scalability and cost-efficiency.”

Tomislav Kajinic

CEO and Founder, Tatesoft

Working principles

To make our 4 values more concrete, we've created these 12 working principles.

1. Customer focus

Dev team should prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering automation solutions that meet partner needs and  generate real business value.

2. Collaboration

Maintain a high level of collaboration between dev and business teams, with regular communication and feedback, to ensure alignment with business goals and processes.

3. Adaptability

Solutions should be flexible and adaptable to changing business requirements, with a focus on continuous improvement, and the ability to pivot when necessary.

4. Continuous improvement

Development should embrace an iterative and incremental approach, with a focus on delivering small, valuable improvements regularly.

5. Speed

Embrace the power of speed to quickly deliver valuable automation solutions that meet changing business demands.

6. Simplicity

Design simple, streamlined solutions that minimize manual effort and maximize automation benefits.

7. Data-driven

Use data-driven insights to guide the development of automation solutions, making informed decisions based on data and evidence.

8. Security

Maintain a high level of security in solution design to protect sensitive data and business processes from cyber threats.

9. Scalability

Design automation solutions with scalability in mind, allowing them to grow and adapt as business needs and IT change over time.

10. Sustainability

Adopt a sustainable development approach, ensuring that automation solutions are maintainable and supportable in the long run.

11. Continuous testing

Ensure that automation solutions are tested and validated throughout the development process, reducing the risk of errors.

12. Community

Build a supportive and collaborative community that fosters knowledge sharing, teamwork, and constructive feedback to support continuous learning.

“While some parts of the manifesto only apply to automation and technology, other parts have a significant impact on everything we do at Tatesoft. From how we communicate to how we make decisions. Like Tomi, I firmly believe that agility is not just a buzzword, but a fundamental aspect of staying competitive in a fast-paced world, and I help drive agility in the non-technical parts of Tatesoft.”

Mathias Vinther

COO, Tatesoft
A picture of Mathias Vinther, COO at Tatesoft, beside his quote about agility at Tatesoft, showcasing the company's commitment to efficiency in every part of the business.
A picture of two guys from Tatesoft, Tomislav Kajinic sitting down and Mathias Vinther standing up, both looking at the camera.

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