Create more room
for people to be people

Unlock efficiency, innovation, and success with our tailor-made IT solutions. At Tatesoft, we engineer transformative technologies that empower businesses to automate operations and enhance work-life balance.

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Our trusted partners

Nordisk Film Biografer's logo, featuring a polar bear standing atop a half circle, representing the company's strong and enduring presence in the entertainment industry.LEA ejendomspartnere

Tatesoft is a team of automation experts, software developers and software engineers. We create custom automation strategy and solutions based on agile principles. Our approach enables us to deliver on our partners' specific automation needs. On time. On budget.

Why our partners choose us
to lead their automation projects.

We value trust above anything else. For us, that means addressing our partners' concerns
from beginning to end.

Progression and tangible results

Tatesoft has developed several custom applications for us that have automated our financial reporting and improved our internal workflows and collaboration. The team really knows how to drive projects forward and deliver value early on.”
Intertrust Group                                 

Cost control and transparency

“Tatesoft's pricing made the project less of an up-front investment. There were no unexpected costs during the project, and we had a working robot inputting our data into the Unik Bolig 4 system before making the first payment.“
LEA Ejendomspartner                                  

Future-proof solutions      

“We've chosen Tatesoft as our automation partner because their RPA platform, ARPA, has the capacity to scale with our organization and evolving automation needs. The fact that Tatesoft owns ARPA is a huge advantage in terms of quick adaptation and new features.“

How we work with automation

We get to know your business and people

We get to know your business, your teams' pain points, and desired outcomes.

We analyze your
processes and tech

We dive into your operations, workflows, tech stack and automation needs.

We create your
automation strategy

A custom plan with room for testing and changing requirements along the way.

We build your solution using our agile approach

We build, test, iterate and work with your people to create working solutions fast.

We deliver and maintain your solution

We continue to make sure your solution remains up-to-date and valuable to you.

We upskill your teams during the project  

We teach your people to build and maintain your future automations.

More about us

Results that make a difference.
To businesses and people.

“Our partnership with Tatesoft has helped us automate our ticketing platform, saving us a significant amount of time otherwise spent on manual work. The team at Tatesoft is uncompromising when it comes to delivering quality solutions, while still respecting our deadlines and budgets.”

Nordisk Film Biografer's logo, featuring a polar bear standing atop a half circle, representing the company's strong and enduring presence in the entertainment industry.

Maria Rosalina Linder

Head of Commercial B2B

“The automations that Tatesoft has built has freed up 40% of my time that would have otherwise been spent manually inputting data into our industry platform, Unik Bolig 4. It's truly helped us increase our efficiency.”

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Anton Brandum

Legal Associate

“Collaborating with Tatesoft has been highly beneficial for us in terms of increasing the efficiency and precision of our reporting workflows. Tatesoft's RPA platform, ARPA, is the first software among those we’ve tried which has enabled us to create bespoke robots that extract data from Jira and TimeLog, integrate it into Excel and distribute the output via email.”

Claus Pullich

Delivery Manager

Transform your organization
for the better.

We create automations that help your business and people grow into the future.

An image of Mathias talking to colleagues highlights the collaborative nature of Tatesoft's workplace

Help your employees thrive

Let robots do your legwork, and allow your people to focus on the work that truly matters to them and to your business.

Leverage all of your data

Harness the full potential of the data already there across your systems to become more

Our Data Management Solutions allow you to collect and streamline your data to truly understand your operations and customers.

An image highlighting the importance of data management at Tatesoft

Create synergy across your tech

Automate workflows across the IT systems you already use. Improve performance and reliability of your processes.

Improve your efficiency

Reduce expenses while increasing operational efficiency and accuracy in each task.

Adapt to change faster

Respond quickly to internal or external changes that affect your operations and workforce.

Frequently asked questions

Questions we often get about the risks associated with automation projects.

What are the costs?

The pricing of your project is determined by its nature, size, and duration. There is no upfront payment required, and there are no additional or unexpected costs throughout the process.

We provide customized contracts tailored to your specific project requirements and budget, without any upfront fees. We are flexible with payment plans, offering options such as a fixed monthly price that includes a software license and a set number of consulting hours.

Your agreement with us is not binding, meaning you can terminate the partnership at any point during the project.

Contact us with your project details and budget, and we will offer more information on our solutions and pricing options, as well as provide a proposal that suits your business.

How long does an automation project take?

The length of a project is influenced by several factors, including its size and complexity. As an illustration, we can complete a basic robot within a few hours or days, while a more intricate robot may require 1-2 weeks.

Furthermore, the project duration is affected by effective communication with your teams and the availability of essential resources, such as information, data, IT/systems, and personnel within your organization.

Our expertise lies in delivering high-quality solutions within the designated timeframe and budget. We adopt an agile and lean approach to swiftly provide tangible value to you and your teams.

Do we have to hire more employees?

Partnering with us for an automation project typically eliminates the need to hire additional employees. However, we do require a designated contact person to facilitate access to your organization and systems, as well as help us gain insight into your people and processes.

How do you ensure my automations actually work in real life?

Our agile approach to RPA, and to automation projects in general, ensures that we always stay focused on solving the actual challenge at hand.

We do so by continuously testing fragments of your solution and making iterations to make sure each component works optimally.

We also work closely with your people to make sure we are on target in terms of creating the most efficient and scalable solution for your business.

What about unexpected technical challenges?

We are experts when it comes to complex IT transformations such as data warehouse projects, legacy system automations etc. We have encountered our fair share of technical challenges and have learned not only how to solve them, but also how to prepare for them.

Furthermore, our agile approach to automation, and the fact that we own own our automation platform (ARPA), allows us to adapt and problem-solve quickly.  

What about system updates or changes in the IT landscape?

Our expertise lies within creating sustainable solutions. That means solutions that are scalable and can grow with your business and the evolving IT landscape.

Our proprietary automation platform (ARPA) is built on an agile foundation and is easily adaptable, enabling us to quickly provide updates or integrate with new systems as your business and the IT landscape evolve.

What about changing compliance and security regulations (GDPR)?

Our solutions can help you better comply with regulations within your industry by automating complex processes and making your data usage and management more transparent to yourself, your customers or authorities.

Our team of automation experts come from a variety of industries, including the banking and financial services sector, making us well-equipped to help you automate compliance and security-related processes.

A picture of two guys from Tatesoft, Tomislav Kajinic sitting down and Mathias Vinther standing up, both looking at the camera.

Want to chat with us about how we can help you?

Give us a call or drop us an email, and get our take on your automation project, and how we can help you achieve your goals.